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We help you to build a structured, agile and high-performance company

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Create a high-performance culture

Define the organization's key values, anchor them in your talent development, hiring, promotion and team rituals.

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Build a team that can scale

Structure the organization and define a clear talent map of existing and future roles and positions.

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Manage and develop talent with a positive business impact

Implement an OKR system that cultivates a culture of impact. Create clear and realistic career paths that encourage growth and contribute to the business. Train your managers to be the best they can be and build your own talent factory.

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Identify and attract key talent to the company

Hire like the best, build your recruitment machine with agile and efficient recruiting and onboarding processes, develop your employer brand and find key talent.

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Let's start building your star team right now

We’ll help you with people management challenges at different stages of your company's growth with agile and tailored solutions.

Our entire methodology is geared towards technology companies.

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Transparencia y visibilidad de cada proyecto y acción.

Trabajamos junto a toda tu organización para que aprenda durante todos los procesos

Decidiremos juntos los pasos adecuados

Recogemos feedback constantemente para mejorar

Estarás acompañado por expertise y pasión a partes iguales

Seguimiento constante del proyecto

"A key player in the definition of the company's fundamental pillars."

I contacted Fresh People hoping that they would help us create a good hiring process to continue growing. I was very surprised to see that after several months together, they ended up becoming a key player in the definition of the company's fundamental pillars, from the growth of the management team, to the improvement of the process of defining objectives, to the crucial task of placing our culture and values at the center.

Above all, Fresh People has helped me grow as a professional and as a leader – both me and the Streamloots team. Professional learning and growth is the main basis of any Startup and Fresh is the perfect travel companion to reach it.

We continue to work with them and I recommend the experience to all companies regardless of the stage you are at."

Alberto Martínez
CEO Streamloots

"Today it's all about creating companies with soul."

Fresh People has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions we made in recent months. The people with whom we are living this exciting journey called Barner mean everything to us and Fresh has been an essential companion on the journey.

We started co-creating our values and company mission in an incredible workshop in which the whole team participated. We all fell in love with the way the session was facilitated and the results that came out of it, and we decided we wanted more.

We have been working together for 7 months now and the truth is that to date, week after week they never cease to amaze us."

Eduardo Gaya y Ramón Pérez
CoFounders Barner

"The results started to improve and the team got happier."

Before we started working with Fresh People, we basically had no organizational structure.They gave us the push we needed and the right tools to become a self-managed organization, where everyone knows how they contribute to the purpose.

And I don't think it's a coincidence that our results started to improve and our team was happier after that.

Julie Murat
COO Bridge For Billions

"Their mentoring and coaching was extremely helpful at Tech Leads."

I enjoyed Fresh People's work and mentoring at Woonivers. Let's just say that culture is not something you simply set. Company culture is more of a solution that must be guided and refined. And the Fresh People team is highly skilled at doing that.

Their mentoring and coaching was extremely helpful in terms of our technical leadership, as these profiles don’t usually get the opportunity to be trained to manage people.

They have the emotional and analytical intelligence to offer solutions that impact and involve everyone, and keep them motivated and enjoying what they do.

Ismael de Esteban
Ismael de Esteban
CTO Woonivers