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Our recruitment methodology:
Transparency and speed

We define the profile and job description together
We discover talent and make them fall in love with your project
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Analysis of internal Top Performers and cultural fit
You hire the right person and we strengthen the onboarding process

We’ll help you define and find the talent you really need for your current and future challenges.


Access to the management board for real-time visibility of the process and candidates

We learn as a team

Benefit from our coaching and training for hiring managers in Inbound Recruiting, Employer Branding & Onboarding

Move like a Startup

Constantly interpret and validate through sprints to fine-tune the focus

Fresh Talent Pool

Get a large number of potential candidates from the Fresh Talent Pool, a network created through years of working with an exclusive focus on the Tech environment

What you see... and what you don't see

Discover and apply the evaluation methods that highlight the candidate's potential: intellectual and emotional agility, growth mindset, etc.

Employer Branding

Put your Employer Brand in the spotlight, adding value at all stages of the process.

90% candidate recommendation rate
through NPS

“Fresh People helped me to move to Spain and made all the process very smoothly.”

They did not sell the company as “the company of my life”, but said instead “this is an unique adventure you will live once in your life” and this is how they finally convinced me.

Jorge Richardson
Closca, The World Bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

"The approach was very friendly."

Fresh People was there during every interview and kept on top of everything. I would highlight the accompaniment and the visibility of the phases of the process.

If I have to change jobs in the future, I would like to be accompanied by Fresh People again.

Marc Garriga
Streamloots, Visa, Microsoft

"Fresh People knows how to say things clearly."

We are living in a time when simplicity, closeness and simplicity are very important. You don't need to talk about very technical things to sell an interview, you just need to say things in a clear way and I think Fresh People knows exactly how to do that.

Juan Orejas
Avanti, Jeff

"With Fresh People you know you're going to be a sure fit with any company they recommend."

Their processes are always streamlined, but they pay enormous attention to detail in order to find the best fit, for you and for the company.

Paul Martz
Criptan, Voicemod, Verse, Clicars

Need to hire the right person for your company's challenges?

We’ll help you face one of the greatest team building and management challenges at various different stages: how to work in an agile, effective way that adapts to the current situation.

Our entire methodology is geared towards technology companies.

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